Double gauze is not just for babies!! 


Shannon Fabric's Embrace double gauze is absolutely decadent and perfect for everyone in the home!!  Double Gauze blankets are perfect for any a light blanket for a summer night, or as an added layer when you need a bit more covering on the bed in the winter! This is perfect for the person who tends to sweat at night, too. This double gauze is breathable yet strong. 


Shannon Fabrics only sells double gauze, meaning 2 layers of gauze are sewn together for durability.  I know it can seem confusing, but this helps differentiate the different gauze blankets on the market. It's important to know what you are buying....a single layer of gauze, or a double layer of gauze.


I can attest that this is a very versatile blanket! I exclusively use only my Embrace blankets. During a recent illness with fever, I using my Embrace blanket of course! When I woke up to a break in my fever, I was astonished that I was not sweaty! This is the first time in my life I haven't woken up sweaty after breaking a fever. This is due to the breathability in the fabric!  This is one of MANY reasons why the majority of my customers buy an extra blanket to have tucked away in their 'hospital bag'. Don't leave home without an Embrace blanket!


Twin size is 66"x90"


Embrace Bouquet/Amethyst TWIN Blanket

$164.95 Regular Price
$148.46Sale Price
  • Embrace blankets should be washed in cold water and dried on low heat. The manufacturer recommends line drying for best results. I have always dried mine on low heat and haven't had any issues.


    As this fabric is made up of double gauze, it is a bit more fragile than a standard cotton blanket. Sometimes you might find a thread pull on your blanket. Please do NOT pull the thread! Instead, simply clip it off close to the blanket. The fibers will shrink back and the area will not look any different.


  • Priority shipping is needed for my blankets, due to weight. I always reimburse any shipping overages over $1. This will be done immediately upon printing your shipping label.