Embrace pillowcases add a special touch to your bed! Whether they are a perfect match to your blanket, or a simple punch of color to your current bedding! They are as comfortable as your favorite Embrace blanket(s)!  

You have two options in planning your pillowcases. You can choose 2 fabrics, one for the body of the pillowcase and one for the cuff. Or, you can simply use 1 fabric for the body and the cuff. Simply type in the name of the fabric(s) you'd like, along with which part of the pillowcase they are to be placed. 

Do you have previously purchased blankets you'd like to match? Don't see those fabrics in stock? Please send me a convo, before purchase, with the size, name or description of the fabrics you'd like. I still have small amounts of all of my previous fabrics. I might be able to create a pillowcase with those fabrics!

**Due to the different color lots of the Granite Embrace over the years, I am unable to match previously purchased Granite blankets. I have found multiple color lots for Granite, and it would be impossible for me to know which remnant would match your blanket. 

DYO- Embrace Pillowcases