Healing Salve is a soothing salve used to treat a variety of skin issues.  It’s spectacular as a general moisturizer, especially if used after a bath at bedtime.  Slather it on from face to toes and you’ll see how soft your skin is in the morning!  I first began making this because nothing would treat the dry skin on my heels.  Not even a strong prescription would work, so I began using this salve.  Within 3 days, my heels were soft and smooth for the first time in years!  Thus began my journey of making this Healing Salve available for everyone!

    This Healing Salve works well on bug bites & stings, cuts, scrapes, wounds (check with Dr first), rashes, eczema and burns.  It is vey soothing on diaper rash, too.  Even our 4 legged fur babies will enjoy it!  It works great on their sore/cracked paw pads, noses and hot spots.  And it is safe for pups if they do lick it. 

    My Healing Salve has worked well for those folks undergoing radiation. It cannot be applied directly before going for each radiation session. However, when you get home from each session, apply Healing Salve to the area(s) that were treated. The feedback I’ve been getting from family & customers is that it prevented redness and/or soreness that can sometimes occur with radiation. 


        *Healing Salve contains: Organic Olive oil & coconut oil, Vitamin E oil (soy free), and Spark Naturals essential oils: Lemon, Lavender and Melaleuca.  I also use beeswax to give the salve a firmer texture.  


Healing Salve