Microwaveable bowl pot holders are perfect for avoiding burned fingers while taking bowls out of the microwave! My bowl pot holders are generously sized at 10". They not only fit soup bowls perfectly, but they will also fit larger bowls! 

To use: Simply place your bowl of food in a bowl pot holder and microwave at 2-3 min. intervals until your food is hot. Then simply use the pot holder to remove the hot bowl! No more burned fingers! The bottom of the pot holder can get hot where it comes in contact with the bottom of the microwave. But the rest of the fabric will be cool. I appreciate the fact that the pot holder will help absorb spilled liquid if carried by shaky hands!


Don't use a microwave in your home? These make the perfect bowl cozy when serving soup/stew/chili for supper! Order a matching set and they will add a pretty touch to your table setting! (I would be happy to create matching placemats if interested! Simply message me!).


When our kids were little, they loved using these when eating a bowl of ice cream, too! No more cold hands! I find these are beneficial for our older generation as well as those of us with disabilities. Do you enjoy attending your kids sporting events? Keep a couple packed in the car for when you purchase a bowl of soup at the concession stand....at a church picnic...or other event where you plan on purchasing food! 

*While I do not expect any issues to arise with use, I take no responsibility for any fire/injury that can occur when using a microwaveable product. (In the 5 years I've been creating & using these, there has never been any issue from me or my customers). But always remember to stay by your microwave when in use!  I use only the highest quality quilt shop cotton fabric & cotton thread. The batting is made specifically for microwave use as well. Remember, use in 3 min. intervals (max) at a time.


These are machine washable, with like colors, in cold water, and air dry. Would you like a matching set? Simply message me and I'll be happy to create a set for you!  And yes..they are reversible!

Microwaveable Bowl Pot Holders